Logistics (the Invisible Industry)

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Logistics, known for being the «Invisible Industry», is the silent, immense construct that ensures that all of the things we take for granted work.
After all, without shipping, storing, distributing, most of us would run out of food fast, not to mention the vast majority of the infrastructure shutting down. Every moment millions of logistics employees work, so that most of us can simply drop at the store to pick up some milk, have heating in our house, and even have electricity.
There over 100,000 freight ships at sea at any given time, carrying the food, clothing, fuel and other goods that we rely on as consumers; but because these ships (and planes, and trains and trucks, etc.) are largely out of our immediate view, we, as a society often don’t give them a second thought.
What makes a great logistics organisation great is its ability to operate behind the scenes, quietly powering the supply chains of the world, keeping it running like a well-oiled machine.